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There are over 1,600 domestic free government grants programs available to the American public for 2007 alone, and currently over 150,000 Local Government Grant Programs, 24,000 State Grant Programs, 300,000 Private Foundation Agencies and 20,000 Scholarship Programs available.  Current Funding for Free Grants is at a Staggering 1.5 Trillion Dollars for 2016.

The Federal and many State Governments are required by law to issue free grants for many diverse needs.  The Influx of free grant money into the economy creates jobs, which in turn creates more tax revenue and reduces individual and corporate dependency on government subsistence programs.

With our economy in flux, the need to distribute this money and create jobs has become critical. 

Many Corporations and Foundations are required to grant a certain amount of their assets annually for a variety of reasons.  Foundations are required to give away at least 5% of their total assets each year to maintain their tax-exempt status.

The U.S. Government understands small business is essential to a vibrant economy.

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As a result, many free government grants and low interest loans are available to stimulate small business. As a business owner or future entrepreneur, you may qualify for a variety of free grants from public and private sources designed to enhance, expand or initiate your business.

There are even special free government grants reserved for the following special interest groups. 

Veterans, Families of Veterans, Minority groups such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.  A huge special category just for American Indians or just about any other Minority group.  Low Income families, Non-Profit organizations, First time Home Owners, Artists, musicians, Nurses, Teachers, People with disabilities.  Even more for those suffering from HIV & Aids.  Special Free Grants for Single Mothers and their children!

None of these Free Grants require a credit check, collateral, security deposits or co-signers, you can apply even if you have a bankruptcy or bad credit, it doesn't matter.  Its Free Money!








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